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Who we are

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We truly care about every individual and so does our publications. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible publications meant for each type of uplifting.

We are dedicated and focused on providing publications that are meant for betterment in a person's life. GTBS continously thrives in achieveing this motive and hence serving the society in becoming a better place to live.

  • Glorius History
  • Global reach
  • Unique book collection
  • Spiritual publications
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A pioneer publication house

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Providing spiritually uplfiting publications

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To help society for spiritual convergence

What we do?

We provide unique publications

Truly ideal publications for each one of us.

Our only goal is to provide such unique publications that are meant for spiritual and ehtical growth of an individual and thus making the society more and more better in harmony and peace.

  • Unique book collection
  • Well versed authors
  • Around the globe reach
  • A vast and helpful team

We have

Some great magazines


The friend in Christ

Published Monthly


Upli Medi

The Upper Room

Published every TWO months

Upper Room


Catered for the children

Published monthly

Executive Committee

G T B S : Your own publication house

We are coming up in near future with many other services for the society